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The Artists


The Artists

our team

Our team is the secret to our success. Comprised of highly skilled researchers, executors and advisors who share our firm's core values, a commitment to excellence and who have deep expertise in all facets of our services suite. At the heart and soul of our offerings lies the belief that people matter. Our corporate culture is infused with this conviction as is our client communication and project execution.


the Kaleidoscope

EXPERIENCE, dedication and the ability to execute


Alison Kay Raby

our founder & ceo

Alison Raby has a unique and innovative perspective as a deep expert in retained executive search and an experienced active participant and volunteer agent in connecting communities that bridge global business best practices and socially conscious endeavors.

Alison is part surgeon and part artist. She has the ability to cut straight to the heart of a project and the finesse to see it through to completion. She possesses a powerful mix of entrepreneurial savvy and finely honed communication skills.

Dedicating more than twenty-five years to the art of communication and interpersonal dynamics, she is a connector, facilitator and serial entrepreneur. This dedication is more than evident in her insight, consideration, unsurpassed responsiveness, and utter professionalism.


"A critical partner, excellent with people...

POLISHED & AUTHENTIC - a powerful combination."

Bryan Power VP People Operations, Google