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The Process

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The Science

Ask, then Listen - We ask the right questions, then actively listen as you define your needs and how we can be in service to your mission, vision and values.

Right on Spec - We compose a robust snapshot of your desired outcomes, masterfully articulating where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. 

Tailor Made - We identify stop gaps and design innovative solution sets, creating a targeted system tailored to your specifications. Then we execute.

The Bull's-Eye Effect - We pinpoint our efforts, ensuring we deliver the results you seek, focusing our lens on your prime directives.

Results Oriented - We successfully implement the initiatives we've designed, partnering with you in each step of the process to ensure that our facilitated work equates to success and long lasting. results. 

Making the Metrics Work - Not only will you get the results you need, you’ll get the information you’ve been waiting for: relevant, up-to-the-minute market research.





The Art

Flexible and Adaptable: We adjust to your systems and practices; we don't demand that you adjust to ours. Contracting with us feels more like delegating work to a skilled and responsive team member than working with an outsider.

Buffet-Style Servicing: Order à la carte from our unbundled menu of services, choose just one item, or sit back and let us serve you with the complete spectrum.

Don't Call Us; We'll Call You: When you choose to work with us, you won't need to call to ask how the project is going; we're proactive about communication, keeping you updated on our progress and next steps. We'll check in to make sure we're on track and adjust if your requirements change.

Just Say "When": Whether we are managing a project from beginning to end, or handling one piece of the process, the engagement ends when you say so – when our results fully meet or exceed your expectations.

Relationship Building: "Long term relationships" is not just a catchphrase we throw around; it’s our commitment to your success and to our own. We conduct our business with the utmost honesty, loyalty, and integrity, thereby utilizing our uncompromised reputation in service to you.


artistISANS spend years mastering their craft



The Savings

Consider the Cost: Skill and experience are essential, and we have them. But, in today's world, they're not enough for the best decision makers - the kind we really like to work with. There’s also that small matter of cost to consider.

The Ball's in Your Court: We've developed airtight processes, yet, there is also a natural ebb and flow to to any collaboration. We bill everything on an hourly basis, whether it's an executive search, consulting project or a custom solution. There isn't a fixed price tag attached to our services, the ball is always in your court.

It's Your Call: We minimize your transaction costs by providing our expert advice on when to put our foot on the gas, and when to put on the brakes; but, ultimately, we offer you the flexibility to make the call.

Leverage: Our network of relationships and broad knowledge of various industries provide us with the resources and experience to quickly zero in on high level solutions, resulting in fewer billable hours.

Dollars and Sense: You're going to save money without sacrificing anything at all relating to quality. Our typical fees are substantially less than our competitors', and our ability to mesh smoothly with your directives means you can leave the heavy lifting to us.



savings without sacrifice

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The Proof

Our flexibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness have made Mariposa Search the provider of choice for executive leaders and organizations. Our reach has spanned across many industries and a broad range of consulting projects, custom solutions and executive searches.